How I Get Free Products to Review

Friday, May 12, 2017

So I came home to a pretty little pink package from Influenster...

If you didn't already know, Influenster is a source for honest product reviews. The site operates in a way that benefits everyone. Basically, in exchange for your reviews and your social influence, you receive free products. It's a free program that anyone can join and it doesn't take long before you are a part of a Voxbox campaign. Of course, the more high-end products are reserved for those with more influence but you can still receive stuff if you have a more modest following. 

My total "social score" adds up to 2,494, which is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. I also have a low engagement trend but, even so, I manage to get offered a new Voxbox at least once a month. 

Influenster is a great program for beauties on a budget. I filmed an unboxing video featuring the IVY Voxbox that I received. And you can check it out here:

*Not sponsored. Received products for free.*

To become apart of the Influenster family please click my referral link:

Anyway, it's summer! So I hope to be more active on my blog and youtube channel. Until then,

Victoria xx

Can We Talk New Music?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Halsey: My bae. My wife. My muse. Not to be one of those music geeks, but I've been following Halsey since her EP release and god am I proud. Her songs New Americana, a 2016 summer classic, Castle, which is featured on the Huntsman: Winter's War, her feature on Justin Bieber's The Feeling, and Closer, which was a collab with the Chainsmokers. Needless to say, when Halsey posted this photo on twitter...
...and girl I died. The release date for Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is June 2 and I honestly can't wait for it and Halsey's new tour that will obviously come after. I went from the back of the Newport to the third row of James Pavilion at Nautica and, if third time's a charm, I'm hoping that this time around I will be front and center (especially for "Is there somewhere" which is when she semi-crowd surfs). Visibly seeing her arenas grow from my time with her in 2015 is a tradition I plan on keeping and with her success, so far I feel like a proud mum. 
Paramore: Call me mall goth but Paramore will forever be the goat. My senior year English teacher, Mr. Gerding agrees. He'd constantly compliment my phone screen when I had them on it. Paramore has been a band for 10-11 years and it's still going strong.  It doesn't even need to be said that I'm looking forward to #5. I'm just hoping they'll stop by Columbus because they didn't in their "Writing the Future" tour. (Gerding traveled across the state border to see them. That literally will be me.) 

Lorde : Girl, we have been waiting since 2013 wtf. Green Light and Liability are bops af. Her new album, Melodrama is said to drop June 16th. Lorde is queen so enough said. 

The 1975: Last Month or so, their socials were flooded with brown and tan pictures which strayed from their current neon pink and blue theme that goes with the ILIWYSFYSSBYSUOI album. From there we were told that the new album's name would be "Music for Cars" and it's due for 2018. It's a bummer due to my concert being on June 3rd (a day after Halsey's album drop. I'm going to be overloaded with great music in June, bless.), however, that means more tours! They recently dropped a cover of Sade's "By Your Side". Hopefully, they'll drop some more singles before the summer. I'm gonna need that set list to grow. 

Ed Sheeran: Man oh man. My love, Teddy. Ed released his third studio album on March 3rd and I've been listening to If you haven't already sat through the Divide album song by song please do yourself a favor and give yourself about two hours to do so. My personal favorites are Dive, Save Myself, Barcelona, Bibia Be Ye Ye, and Supermarket Flowers. He is coming to Columbus in the fall and I wanted to buy front row tickets but that price tag climbed to the thousands and I'm not rich. I do plan on scoring ticks in the summer after I work my butt off for paychecks, but whether or not they will be nose bleeds or on the floor will remain unknown until then. Maybe with time the prices will decrease? Pray for me.

Anyway, those are the jams I'm looking forward to. If you don't like any of these musicians, I hope that 2017 will be a good year of music for you as well.

Victoria xx

Purple Smokey Eye Look

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello Friends!

I always seem to go MIA, but alas I'm back! I've managed to finish editing my next video! It's a "Purple Smokey Eye" Tutorial.

It took me a while to edit it, but I'm super proud of the results! Please check it out and feel free to leave comments and critiques. With love Victoria xx

Spring Semester Look

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hey guys!

I filmed a spring semester makeup look! The lighting is a little iffy, but I think it turned out nice.
The products used and music credit are in the description.  

Dorm Room Inspiration

Saturday, November 26, 2016

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Pinterest is my favorite place for ideas on everything. On the app, as the first semester comes to an end I find myself lusting after dorm rooms that aren't mine. I've never been one who was completely satisfied with any particular way of living. I have no shame in stating that I was the girl who came into school with a different hairstyle every week. Anyway with my itch for new dorm decor continues on as freshman fall finals near, I've been pinning different pictures of dorm inspiration like crazy. I particularly like picture four and how it displays music merch. I'd like to think I meticulously placed my posters in a way that is pleasing to the eye, but the sleek squares are pretty cool. Something I never really thought about. I don't think a full makeover is due to happen this year, but I'll definitely be prepared when next year rolls around.

Victoria xx

A Year (or So) In Review

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hi beautiful people. Long time, no see. This year has been a crazy one- full of ups, downs, and super surprises- and I thought that for my first blog post back, I'd do a mini list of all the things that since my last post consisted of. For a little background into why this year was extremely monumental from me, I'd suggest you check out this post- How I Manage My Mental Health. A lot of these things are little everyday things that people already do in general, but because of my mental illnesses and how I was effected by them, they are HUGE steps in the life that I want (and am able) to live. To be honest, this is more for myself because when you are living your life day by day, it's hard to reflect on how much you've accomplished, but with out further ado -for anyone interested- my life milestones from August 2015 to June 2016.

  • August 9- I finally gave into my friend's, Serenity, pleads and went to the Ohio State Fair on the last day it was open. It was tough because of my Agoraphobia, but I went and had fun! On the ferris wheel, we talked about life. We specifically talked about my home schooling and how she wanted me to join her for our senior year. I declined because I thought I wasn't ready and I already had a school in mind if I were to go to brick and mortar schooling. Serenity encouraged me to apply and pointed out that I was having a great time outside of my house due to the fact that I did progress a lot in my therapy. I thought about it. 
  • August 10- I applied to my alma mater, ACPA. I had already attended the school in the 2014-2015 school year for a day, but went back to homeschooling due to a extreme panic attack. Legit one hour after I applied I got a call from the founder, GG, saying that she remembered me and I was immediately accepted. (Also, I was apparently the first new person accepted into the 2014-2015 class, which I learned from the call. Even though I made it a day, I think that's pretty cool.)
  • August 18th- My ONE DIRECTION concert! I saw them at the Ohio State Shoe stadium. Yet again, a big thing for me with my Agoraphobia that I was still learning to cope with at the time. Had a panic attack at the beginning, but stuck it through and had the night of my life!

  • August 20th- First school function! Back to School Bash. Arrived, had a panic attack, hid in the 'Dragon' Bathrooms for a good twenty minutes sipping on Pepsi- unsanitary, I know- then I finally got the courage to get out and find GG. She introduced me to Darren and Stephannie and from there I was introduced to a lot of people. Overwhelming at the time, but I stuck it out and was proud of myself even though I didn't remember any names.
  • August 25th- First Day of School for New Students. As a senior, a lot of my classes were empty.
  • August 26th- Real first day of School! It went well even though I had a few panic attacks. I ended up going to the collaboration room and I got help from Nancy there. She sent out a mass email to my teachers to let me out 5 minutes before class if need be to help me with my Agoraphobia and hallway crowds. (Stuck it out and I ended up never using this IEP privilege!)
  • Made a lot of friends! 
  • October 27th- I saw HALSEY! I was uncomfortable because I had been panicking before hand due of school troubles. It was really cold and rainy outside and I was wearing a skirt so I didn't really enjoy this night as much as I wanted because I was on edge, but it was still amazing. 

  • Rough patch. Lost some 'friends'!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Sometime in December- I auditioned for my school's spring musical- In the Heights!
  • January 20th- I got inducted into the National Honor Society!
  • Gained amazing friends! 
  • February 25th- I performed with my lovely Ballet class at the school's Dance Concert.
  • March 17 to 19- After three long, hard months I performed in the In The Heights musical ensemble with the rest of my amazing cast/classmates.

  • April 7th- I walked in a fashion show! I got to show off amazing designs from my friend Darren and looked great tbh.

  • April 14th- I ran for prom queen! We had to send in mini video submissions to be evaluated by the Junior and Senior classes. My video was lighted, edited, prim, proper and ready to go!
  • April 21 to May 12- Started Volunteering at my local hospital and library for my Senior Project!
  • May 13th- Quit my toxic ex-job!!!
  • Also May 13th- Went to my first school dance ever- Prom! I had a great time and ended up being prom queen!

  • May 16th- Presented my Senior Project! I volunteered over 144 hours when the required was 119. I had fun and learned a lot at my volunteering sites. I also did very well on my presentation! 5 out of 5!
  • May 19th- Last day at my ex-work. Yassss, lolol.
  • May 20th- Senior graduation rehearsal, cook out, and clap out! A nice, chill day with free food and laughs. 
  • May 21st- I graduated!!! 

  • May 22nd- I saw the 1975 and made some more really great friends! I waited in line for about 9 hours and it was worth it. 
  • June 1st- Officially hired at my new job!
  • June 5th- First day at work. Managers nicknamed me 'Sunshine'.
(Please take note of how my panic attacks weren't mentioned as you went further down the page!)

For a person who spent her first 6 months of homeschooling in the solitary confinement of her home and therapist office due to severe anxiety as a 13 year old, for a person who gave up a lot of her childhood dreams and truly believed that she would be completely dependent on government disability as an adult, for a person who struggles with suicidal tendencies and ideations (four months clean btw!), for a person who was in and out of hospitals and ERs more times as a child under the age of 16 more than the average bare due to a complete sense of helplessness, I am pretty damn proud of how far I've come within this past school year. 

So many good and positive things have happened that I will cherish forever. Memories and friends made for a lifetime. I'm also grateful for my rough patches because they gave me life lessons that I'll never forget.

I have lots more to look forward to in the future! I'm going to see Halsey again with my friend Vynni in August, after that I could possibly go to England for a school trip if my finances add up, then after that college and more! We'll see how life leads me.

Until then xx, Victoria

Aliyah Makes a Visit

Sunday, August 23, 2015

So recently I was contacted by Brown Eyed Dolls and was given the opportunity to review any doll* of my choice. I was given a link to their website and from there I went on to choose my favorite.
I choose Aliyah.

According to their About page, Brown Eyed Dolls prides its self on providing culturally diverse, yet fashionable dolls for all children. Their dolls showcase aesthetics ranging with different skin tones and hair textures. 

When I was contacted by this company, I was more than ecstatic to submit a review. Growing up, the majority of dolls that I came across were fair skinned and straight haired. I never really had a dolls that looked like me, which is why I went for Aliyah, whose has a warm medium brown skin tone and  kinky hair. (At the time I picked her out, she was the only one I saw with curly hair, but now the other doll, Michelle, has "transitioned" to natural! Check her out.) 

Aliyah is very well made. Her hair is bouncy and soft, her joints are bendable, and her outfit- a pink and white striped dress, paired with a black and white leather jacket, and finished off with black heels and pink gem earrings- is so cute! I know that if I were younger I would absolutely love to play with this doll, which is exactly why I'm gifting it to my 9 year old sister who hasn't been able to keep her eyes off it since it arrived. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking to take their dolls shopping "out of the box". 

In the comments below, by all means, tell me: What was your favorite toy growing up? I remember one Christmas, I got a Jade from the Bratz doll. I would carry her everywhere. Her outfit was '60s inspired and the doll came with a little cd that showcased 3 '60s songs as well. I was obsessed! (I just so happened to chop up her hair and not want her anymore, lol.)

*(Although I did receive this doll for free, all views and opinions are mine. I'd like to thank Margret from Brown Eyed Dolls, who was very helpful throughout my shopping process.)

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