How I Manage My Mental Health

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's up guys? So, as some of you may have learned from my first blog post, I have OCD, Agoraphobia, and Dysthymia. I've had these mental illnesses for about 4 years because I developed them around the age of twelve and while I'm not at the most desirable place in my journey, I've still come pretty far so I've decided to make a list about how I've managed it.

1. Remove Yourself From Triggering Situations.

Now this one isn't really a firm suggestion from me. It is recommended to always be around what make you anxious/sad so that you can build an "immunity", for lack of better word, from it. I, however, found that removing myself from these situations was beneficial for me seeing as I have very serious anxiety and depression. The main thing that I did involving this situation was enrolling in home schooling. Going from having panic attacks every time the bell rang and being late for classes because I was in the bathroom washing up to being in a "safe place" where I didn't have to worry about it allowed me to focus on my recovery head on.

2. Reach Out For Help.

This one is a tricky, but mandatory one. It's tricky because even in this day and age, people are uncomfortable with mental illnesses and might not want to talk about your problems. My own guidance counselor at my old middle school completely brushed off my words when I went to talk to her! All I can say is that you are speaking out for a reason. You need help and if the one person you went to first didn't help you, go to someone else. After I went to my guidance counselor and was disregarded, I went a full school year before trying to get help again- the help came after a mental breakdown and suicidal thoughts. Don't be afraid to speak up- it's a big mistake.

3. Receive Professional Help.

This usually is a given after you speak up about what you're feeling. I am currently seeing a therapist every week for CBT and I'm on two prescriptions given to me by my Psychiatrist. The type of help you get usually varies from illness to illness, so I can't really elaborate on this.

4. Be Persistent.

If you feel as if the diagnosis you were given doesn't coincide with your symptoms, speak up. If you've completed therapy and you feel as if you haven't made progress or you need help again, go back. I am currently on my second round of therapy. My first round went from age 13 to 14 and I started this round in October. I was diagnosed with Social Phobia and Depression by my first therapist and then I was given my current diagnosis (OCD, Agoraphobia, and Dysthymia) after going back for further help. I didn't have a Psychiatrist before, but I have one now. Mental health help is not a concrete thing so your going to have to learn how to be flexible. Your illness could be misdiagnosed or come "back" in a full wave. While it may be a shock at first, keep going head on.

5. No Cut Corners. Demand Good Service.

While we are all human and humans make mistakes, that doesn't mean that you deserve less desirable service from your care takers. For instance, in my first round of therapy I was "questioned" and misdiagnosed within 30 minutes; my current diagnosis's questioning lasted 3 full days of appointments. If you feel your designated helper is cutting corners, stop them or switch to someone else. Your sessions are about your health, not their time so don't waste yours.

6. Stay Strong.

Cliche, I know. Just remember that you can do this. You may feel alone, but you have to remember that millions of people are going through the same thing as you. Don't give up.

 I reckon that as I experience more in life I'll have more advice to give as well, but that's all I've got so far. Thanks for reading lovelies.

Victoria x


  1. I love this post, I'm going through similar things now, and I genuinely feel like the world isn't educated enough on mental illnesses. I prefer to say I'm coping & dealing with rather than suffering from, as it helps me through! I hope you're alright, if you ever need someone to talk to things about online I'm here!!

  2. Hi Joksie! The world really is a bit behind regarding mental illness, but hopefully all will be well soon. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by! x


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