Aliyah Makes a Visit

Sunday, August 23, 2015

So recently I was contacted by Brown Eyed Dolls and was given the opportunity to review any doll* of my choice. I was given a link to their website and from there I went on to choose my favorite.
I choose Aliyah.

According to their About page, Brown Eyed Dolls prides its self on providing culturally diverse, yet fashionable dolls for all children. Their dolls showcase aesthetics ranging with different skin tones and hair textures. 

When I was contacted by this company, I was more than ecstatic to submit a review. Growing up, the majority of dolls that I came across were fair skinned and straight haired. I never really had a dolls that looked like me, which is why I went for Aliyah, whose has a warm medium brown skin tone and  kinky hair. (At the time I picked her out, she was the only one I saw with curly hair, but now the other doll, Michelle, has "transitioned" to natural! Check her out.) 

Aliyah is very well made. Her hair is bouncy and soft, her joints are bendable, and her outfit- a pink and white striped dress, paired with a black and white leather jacket, and finished off with black heels and pink gem earrings- is so cute! I know that if I were younger I would absolutely love to play with this doll, which is exactly why I'm gifting it to my 9 year old sister who hasn't been able to keep her eyes off it since it arrived. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking to take their dolls shopping "out of the box". 

In the comments below, by all means, tell me: What was your favorite toy growing up? I remember one Christmas, I got a Jade from the Bratz doll. I would carry her everywhere. Her outfit was '60s inspired and the doll came with a little cd that showcased 3 '60s songs as well. I was obsessed! (I just so happened to chop up her hair and not want her anymore, lol.)

*(Although I did receive this doll for free, all views and opinions are mine. I'd like to thank Margret from Brown Eyed Dolls, who was very helpful throughout my shopping process.)

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