Friday, May 26, 2017

Hello beauties!

As we near the second half of the year of 2017, I thought that it was the perfect time to bring out this beauty.

This palette- The BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals 26 Color Eyeshadow and Blush Palette- is one that I had actually received for Christmas about 6 months ago. As you can see, it is untouched.

When I was away at college, I was obviously swamped with school work and responsibilities. I desperately wanted to write this blog post, but with no time, I saved it for now. It took so much willpower to not touch it, especially as I grew tired of the palettes I have open, but alas I was successful.

The BH Cosmetics Blush Neutral palette is just as the title describes, however when I first opened it I noticed the major difference between the cover sleeve of the product and the product its self.

The cover sleeve appears to showcase much richer tones...

Whereas the actual palette leans on the more pale side...

I was slightly panicked by this as a darker-skinned African-American woman. I usually tend to go for deeper colors as I'm sure they will pick up on my skin tone. Anyway, I set off swatching it. Here's a grid of the BH Cosmetics Blush Neutral palette to help you distinguish my swatches. Just a heads up from left to right the swatching goes from 7-1. So the number ones are closest to my wrist. I didn't line up the numbers to the blushes, but you get the drift.

Row A:

For Row A, I tried to go the pro-IG makeup swatcher route.  As my lines were crooked and uneven and I felt like I was wasting tons of tape, I decided to ditch that method and do it the old fashion way. 

Row B:

Row C: 

Row D- The Blushes:

I apologize for the horrid lighting! I'm currently trying to get back on my blogging mojo. Onto the review!

Pigmentation: Where the BH Cosmetics Blush Neutral palette doesn't really match the richness of the cover film, it makes up for it in the product pigmentation. Though some colors were particularly light, they still showed up on my dark brown skin. I didn't put any primer on my arm so I expect the outcome to be even better when I actually do my makeup.

Consistency: The product spread on my skin surprisingly smooth. The darker colors were like butter, whereas the lighter ones were *slightly* more chalky. Out of all the colors that I swatched, I would say the worst one, if you can call it that, would be 1D- the very light "blush". It took about two tries to get the color and opaqueness shown in the picture. 

~Side note on that "blush" color: I'm failing to think of a single person who would wear it as a blush. Even on the palest of people, it would look weird. It has a tan tint to it that honestly resembles a person's skin color or face powder, not a blush. I can probably make use of it as an eyeshadow base or- and this is a big reach- a baking powder. We'll see what I come up with. ~

Case Quality: The BH Cosmetics Blush Neutral Palette has a standard black, hard plastic case. It feels kind of cheap, but it aligns with the price of the palette. The case opens through a fold and has a snap in order to ensure it is closed. There is no mirror in the palette. 

Price and Value: The retail price of the palette is $13.99, but right now it's on sale for $9.09 on the website. Seeing as you get a full palette, that has a net weight of 1.57 of the product, for less than $15, I would say that this is a great deal. Of course, there are other neutral palettes out there that are interchangeable with this one but, nonetheless, this is a good basic palette to have in your collection.

As of now I've only swatched my BH Cosmetics Blush Neutral palette but I can't wait to delve into it and see the types of looks I can achieve. 

Do you have a BH Cosmetics Palette? If so, comment below the one you have and what you love about it! 

I'll talk to y'all soon!

Victoria xx

This post is not sponsored. 

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