Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello beautiful people!

I've decided to grace youtube with a thrift haul! Before you watch this video make sure to check out my previous video where I detailed 25 facts about me:

Thrift culture is getting real and I'm here for it. I remember having to thrift as a child and being ashamed about the fact. The stigma of being less fortunate when I was younger was something that I struggled with, especially due to the fact that Adidas and Abercrombie was a hit when I was younger Now that this is a trend let's not forget the stigma and classism that used to plague it! Here's the video:

Anyway, I managed to snag some really neat finds and deals at my local thrift store.

  • The first thing that I thrifted is a floral dress from Forever 21. Simple cute and flirty for the summer. 
  • The second item that I got from the thrift store is a slimming floral bodycon dress from xhilaration.
  • The third thing I got from the thrift store was a black pantsuit from XOXO. It has lace sleeve and little hooks that you can loop a belt through. 
  • My fourth thrift store find is a simple, black spaghetti strap dress from Old Navy. 
  • My last and favorite find is an ice blue wind breaker from Russell Athletic Wear. 

I hope that you enjoy this video! If so please remember to like, comment, and subscribe so you can be updated on other summer thrift hauls and videos that I do. Also, leave a comment below describing your favorite thing to wear in the summer.

Until next time,

Victoria xx

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